General Information

It is used in all sectors where a clean and capless hole is required in a sheet metal. Our high-tech punches provide maximum efficiency to the user with their high drilling capacity. There are 2 alternatives for using our punches with manual wrench or hydraulic system. In places where the hydraulic system is unsuitable to use, the desired holes are drilled using the manual key system. Punch sets consist of 2 parts as male and female molds. We get the clean burr-free hole we need by clamping and cutting the sheet between the male and female mold, provided that a key or hydraulic bolt is used in the guide hole that is centered and opened to the sheet metal beforehand. A hydraulic system is required for longer-lasting use of punches and bolts in high-volume cuts.

Tools in the bag

  • Hydraulic Foot Pump Small
  • 2 Meter Hydraulic Hose
  • Punch Puller
  • Pg9 (Male+Female) 1 Team
  • Pg11 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg13 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg16 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg21 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg29 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg36 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg42 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • Pg48 (Male+Female) 1 Set
  • 9,5x50 Hydraulic Bolt 2 Pieces
  • 19x60 Hydraulic Bolt 1 Piece
  • 19x75 Hydraulic Bolt 1 Piece
  • Puller Washer 1 Piece