Doganer Machinery

As of 1990, it started to work with hydraulic-pneumatic presses, cutting - plastering molds, spare parts production; has adopted trust, honesty, quality and customer satisfaction as a principle, and has been able to respond to increasing business demands with investment.

Our company;

AG-OG has become a preferred and sought-after product throughout the country with its machine manufacturing that performs the cutting, bending and drilling operations of copper busbars required by the electrical panel sector on a single plane.

It has not abandoned customer satisfaction and developed its product range thanks to its innovative structure, digital copper processing, rail cutting apparatus, production of square, rectangular and round (PG Series) punch sets, cable duct cutting apparatus with the courage taken from the sector.

It has made the copper cutting, bending, drilling machine into an apparatus by dividing it, providing the possibility of comfortable, easy, mobile use without the need for electricity, and having an optional apparatus instead of the machine has provided economic gain to the manufacturer.

Doğaner Makine will continue to share its experience with you, our esteemed customers, by continuing to manufacture cutting-spun molds, hydraulic-pneumatic automation presses with its expert staff.

With the ISO 9001-2000 Quality management system and CE label, it continues on its way by further strengthening its position in the sector.